Vawda Group strives for excellence in all
aspects of business by making quality
an integral part of all our actions

Our Services

Vawda Group offers comprehensive services to its customers to support them in achieving a more long lasting and successful production.
We ensure that our products add value and extend reliability in producing best quality in the most profitable and effective manner. In every sector that we are operating at present, be it textile, plastic or electronic industry, we assure our customers to give them the best and provides exceptional technical services at all levels. With the most extensive product range and core components in the industry, you can be sure of reaching the right choice for your production.

We at Vawda Group understand the customers’ needs and try to meet their expectations. In the last 32 years,
we have been to their confidence by providing quality standards products and services.

Technical Service Center

FAV & Co. believes purely in conducting extensive research to achieve optimum level results in textiles and its downstream vendor components. In today’s dynamic business environment, where industrial growth and innovation has revolutionized, FAV has turned creative minds into reality. With our in-house well-equipped laboratory, the company visualizes the conceptions and deals with technical analysis of chemicals, dyestuff and OBA’s auxiliaries. We also conduct different tests for pre and post treatment of textile products.

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Textile Testing

Textile testing is a part of our customer service. We provide high quality testing which is cost-effective and done with less time. We make sure that out test add value and contribute in the success of your products. With our state-of-the-art laboratory, we take pride in textile testing and educate our customers in improving the quality of their textile products. We work on the following kinds of textile testing which is performed regularly in our laboratory.

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Customer Services

We render exceptional technical services to the clients to satisfy their needs and meet their expectations. In addition to this, we support them by providing sales and marketing for promoting numerous product ranges for textile industry. We also deliver the most appropriate application details, which are efficient for the existing infrastructure and machine for every sector, which is recommended, for best technical and quality results of the finished products.

Quality Control

FAV believes in keeping a high quality control in all its products. We make sure that all are quality parameters are carefully checked and verified in order to meet consistency in the supplies. The quality specs are clearly defines in the technical literature and checked accordingly to ensure that there is a zero defect in our products. Along with this, products are tested in application as per the prescribed dosage. After complete quality assessments, products are then approved by the quality control department and transferred for supply to the end consumers.

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Research & Development

The development of path-breaking technologies and products requires extensive planning and research. FAV & Co. has a separate research & development department which continuously studies the new trends that are shaping the industry. In order to meet the requirements demanded by the customers, we provide customized products which are developed initially at Lab scale after confirmation. Once the trial production is completed and approved by the customers, the formulation of the components is sent for regular production of applications in bulk quantities. Each production batch of confirmed goods is closely checked for regular supplies in the future. Our research lab also provides the facility to form application techniques in order to minimize time and effort in the production process. We focus in providing cutting edge technology to our customers that is beneficial for them in the long-run. The research laboratory is well equipped with high-precision instruments and highly qualified personnel. In addition to this, it is supported by the collaboration of research and academic institutes and technical alliance with industrial partners.

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Technical Training

FAV & Co. believes in educating its technical staff by providing them various trainings. We offer specialized Technical Training Programs on the application of Dyes & Chemicals along with several extensive processes to obtain best possible results. Apart from this, we also provide trainings on basic learner courses for the new industrial entrants in the field of wet processing. The purpose the theses programs are to enhance the technical knowledge of the staff, which can help them in understanding the clients’ requirements, and also to deal with them professionally. These technical trainings are not only for our employees but beyond the company. We share this knowledge with our clients, partners and their employees to improve the technical knowledge at all levels. FAV also facilitates young fresh graduates with the technical training sessions.

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