Supplying products of world class
quality to satisfy our customers

Our Business

“Supplying products of world class quality to satisfy our customers” has remained our objective and commitment.
We are Importers, Exporters, and Indenters of Textile Dyes, Finishing Chemicals, Allied Products and Lab
Equipments. We specialize in Dyes, Chemicals, Specialty Products, Textile Machinery & Lab Equipments, Training
and Consulting. We offer locations across the country, and we promise quality products from all over the world in
major segments for textile manufacturing. Our supplied dyes and chemicals are well known in the trade for their
quality, reliability and proven consistency

Textile Dyes and Chemicals

In recent years the sales of natural cellulosic fiber has steady increased because of its excellent fiber properties in the textile industry. Consequently the sales of reactive dyes for cellulosic fiber has also increased every year because of their brilliant shade, excellent wet fastness properties and wide range of application. With increased demand, customers have also begun to require a higher grade of all-round fastness proprieties for cellulosic fibers of their blends.

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FAV Plastico (Pvt.) Ltd

FAV Plastico (Pvt.) Ltd., founded in 2009, has dedicated to researching, developing, producing and selling white, black, color, additive masterbatches and so on.

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Veechem Industries (Pvt.) Ltd

Veechem Industries (Pvt.) Limited is a sister concern of Farid Ahmed Vawda & Co. Veechem Industries (Pvt.) Limited functions as a manufacturer of entire range of products for Textile & Leather. VeeChem Industries offers complete packages of high quality pigment powders, pigment emulsions and auxiliaries for all fields of textile printing applications.

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Leather Dyes and Chemicals

FAV & Co. has a state-of-the-art Leather Division. FAV Leather lab is fully equipped with latest leather scientific machines.

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Farid Ahmed Vawda & Co is one of the major importer of photocopier toners, printer toners and consumables.

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Air Compressors

M/S Farid Ahmed Vawda & Co. is the Authorize Representative of M/S ALUP COMPRESSOR BELGIUM and DENAIR Compressors

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VFD / Inverters

Farid Ahmed Vawda & Co. are the biggest channel partner and stockist of Schneider Electric motion control division and also exclusive distributor of Delxi VFD & soft starters in Pakistan. The firms constant expertise progresses by efforts to introduce high value-added products and services. We are working on expanding our wings towards motors and switch board manufacturing.

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Security Equipments

Farid Ahmed Vawda & Co has the latest technology in security equipment and surveillance.

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