We are a versatile company that is integrated in to various divisions that caters to textile, plastic, confectionary and electronical industries.

About Us

We are Importers, and Indenters of Textile Dyes, Finishing Chemicals, Lab Equipments, Machinery, Industrial Inverters, Air-Compressors, Toner and Security Equipment. Vawda group has established manufacturing concerns of Masterbatch, Pigment emulsions, Pigment powder and confectionery.

Introduction & Overview

Vawda Group is one of the leading groups striving for excellence since 1984 being a local provider of dyes and chemicals to textile industries. One of the subsidiaries of Vawda Group; FAV Plastico (Pvt.) Limited, deals in high quality resins and masterbatches for manufacturing plastics. Another sister-concerned company of FAV is Veecham Industries (Pvt.) Limited which provide materials and auxiliaries for textile printing applications. All these organizations are fueled by continuous innovation and a dedication to unassailable quality, service and safety of our people and the environment. Following our motto “right first time”, we provide our customers outclass products and services and meet their expectations by all means. We as a team are strongly committed to our strategic goals in supplying more reliable and efficient products to our clients. Our state of the art laboratory is well equipped with all the latest machines from the renowned International manufacturers which includes; Datacolor SF600+, Dispensing Unit, IR Dyeing Machines, Hi-Temperature Dyeing Machines along with a wide range of testing equipments to perform all the quality tests in house. The laboratory performs extensive research on the products before and after production. Our R&D department keeps an eye on the current market trends to update the team on production and innovation. We try our best to aware our clients with the latest advancements and provide them the best of products and knowledge. We are always rethinking the technology, challenging the status quo. On the path from the idea to the finished product, we keep ourselves open for new ideas, approach developments from different perspectives and think outside of the box. Vawda Group stands out due to its quality, reliability and innovation. We do not compromise on quality and make sure that our clients are always satisfied with our products. At present, we are ISO 9001 Certified and also accredited by the British BVQI. We have highly professional teams who collaboratively work on different projects and fulfill the need of our clients.

The Company has expanded its business to a large extent in the last three decades and has opened new divisions of Industrial Inverters, Air-Compressors, Toners, Security Equipments and manufacturing of Masterbatch, Pigment Emulsion, Pigment Powder and Confectionary which are now a part of our operational excellence.

CEO Message

FAV has made great progress during the last decade. In comparison with the time of establishment, Vawda Group has completed a major portfolio transformation, reinforced our lead in innovation, and delivered solid financial performance in the both fields of textiles and plastics respectively. I’m however convinced that at least we have a strong foundation for growth in my beloved country; Pakistan where the population is growing and the demand is continuously increasing both in textile and plastics industry. At the same time I am also excited to see the new advancements floating successfully in the market and increasing our sales growth. Today by the grace of Almighty, the Company has not only progressed exceptionally but it has set itself to be a leading organization of dyes and chemicals used in textiles. We have a proper research & development department that study the current market trends and come up with great and innovative ideas. I firmly believe that my people and team is solely is a part of this success. Without their support and our vision, the company may not be able to stand in such high position in the market. I personally look for people-oriented management philosophy which is implemented in all business of the Company. I am proud to have such a dynamic team that is truly known to be assets of the Company. To maintain high quality standards in our products, we strictly follow all rules, regulations and guidelines under ISO certification of quality management.
FAV is also concern for environmental sustainability and we focus on “Go Green” approach. The Company has been involved in many CSR activities that are healthy and favorable for the environment. I see a great future of FAV in years to come. I hope that we will continue to build enduring customer relationships and provide best quality of products in future too. I would also like to thank my customers for their trust and confidence in us.

Thank you,

Farid Ahmed Vawda

Chief Executive Officer

Mission Statement

Our mission is to strive and to provide innovative and solution oriented products independently with supportive technical services to various industries on economical parameter which shared sense of purpose, expertise and professional approach. We strongly believe in operational excellence with principles of technological leadership, true commitment, sustainability and high efficiency. Keeping in mind, all these factors, we aim to grow and expand our business with more value addition to the local industries. We are dedicated in providing best quality products with new and creative ideas under ISO standards. One of our main focuses is to increase our market share in Pakistan market at large.

Vision & Values

We are more inclined in working collaboratively for mutual goodwill, growth and prosperity without compromising on the qualities for sustained profitability.
At present, our vision is to serve textile, plastic and electronics industry with innovations and technologically advanced products. We believe in long-term, sustainable growth which is best suitable for our environment and industry as a whole. In the development of our technologies, we see it as our responsibility to provide value added products and maintain higher quality standards. In order to maintain customer engagement and link customer oriented core values with principles, we believe in “RIGHT FIRST TIME“ approach.

Quality Policy

FAV & Co. offers leading technologies for an economic and valuable production on a high level of quality. We offer our clients; our professionals’ knowledge gained from over 30 years of qualified experience in the industry – for planning and developing the products of tomorrow. We value all our customers and never compromise on quality standards. Vawda Group strives for higher level of excellence in all aspects of business by producing best quality products for our customers. We diligently follow all the mandatory requirements of ISO 9001-2008 and implement best business practices in all units. We believe in developing strong and enduring customer relationship and adopt “Right First Time” approach. We work collaboratively as a dedicated team which prioritizes to meet clients’ expectations and provide high quality standard products. We work systematically at all levels to maintain transparency and quality everywhere. We make sure an all our management practices are conducted as per the international quality standards. We trust that our clients believe in us and we continue to provide them best quality products.



FAV & Co. has been trying to satisfy their customers and meet their expectation for the last three decades. We strongly believe in maintaining high quality standards in all our business units. We value all our customers and concern for providing them best products. We always look for operational excellence by keeping transparency and standards through all business processes.

In order to be completive in the industry and maintain international quality standards in our Company, we have been registered with ISO 9001 certification since 2003 which is known for best practices in quality management. After quality, environmental sustainability is an integral part of our success. We have been showing our concern for environmental sustainability and are involved in different CSR activities.

We are truly committed and dedicated to provide world-class quality products with less environment contamination.


Our success is our highly experienced and dynamic team with diversified background. Our group has exceptional technical knowledge and business expertise.
All our professionals are exceptionally talented and highly qualified. We have confidence in their dedication, commitment and hard work.
We welcome them all to FAV and Co.

Chairman & CEO:
Yaqoob Muhammad Vawda


Farid Ahmed Vawda

Chief Executive Officer

Ibrahim Yaqoob Raza Kazi

Director Finance

Aamna Vawda

Manager Coordination

General Manager
Abdul Hafeez

General Manager Sales & Marketing

Awards & Achievments


Participation Award in IGATEX 2006

26-29 April 2006 at Karachi Expo Centre Paksitan Pegasus Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd and CEMS presented an award in recognition of our participation in IGATEX 2006 5th International Textile, Garment & leather Machinery & Accessories Exhibition.


Participation Award in Textile Asia

19-21 March 2005 Karachi Expo Centre, Pakistan Pakistan – The Asian Tiger TEXTILE ASIA award was presented by Ecommerce Gateway Pte. Ltd. Singapore in recognition of our participation in international Exhibiton.


Award For Best Servies As Life Member

15th September 2003 at H.A.H, Muslim Gymkhana Karachi. Dr. Ishrat Hussain Governor, State Bank of Pakistan to Farid Ahmed Vawda in recognition of Best Services as life member and Consistant Advertiser of PCDMA Publications on the occasion of PCDMA Annaul Dinner held on 15th September 2003 at H.A.H, Muslim Gymkhana Karachi.

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