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Founded in 1984, Vawda Group is known to be a leading provider of quality dyes and chemicals for textile industries.
Our highly specialized business units provide advanced solutions to customers around the country. With the Group's technologies and a highly skilled workforce, Vawda Group supplies different types of Masterbatch, Confectionary, trading of air compressors, industrial inverters, security equipments and supplying toner apart from textile auxiliaries, which is the primary unit of the Group.

During the time span of 32 years, we have been meeting our client’s expectations generously which has made us remain one step ahead of the competition always. We aim to continue this relationship by providing highest quality products to all our clients.

32 years of untiring services
for various industries

Vawda Group has been providing quality products and services to various industries since 1984.

highest quality products
of value edition

"Supplying products of world class quality to
satisfy our customers” has remained our objective
and commitment.

our principals

Our principals are the lifeblood of business
success at VAWDA & CO

News & Events

3P Pakistan 2016

FAV Plastico participated in 3P exhibition in March of 2016, where it represented manufacturing of Masterbatch.

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Textile Asia 2016

Farid Ahmed Vawda & Co participated in Textile Asia 2016, representing it's various ventures in the textile industry.

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IEEEP Pakistan 2015

Farid Ahmed Vawda & Co promoted it's three recent divisions such as Security Equipments, Air Compressors and Industrial Inverters at IEEEP Pakistan 2015.

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We move and strive nationally

Vawda Group has been operating for a long time with high quality and provides safe innovative products. We strive for high excellence that unites high tech and tradition; we are building on our core values to successfully develop the future of textiles and plastics. The management of Vawda Group is truly determined to bring advancements for our clients locally. We firmly believe that creating value is our primary goal that satisfies customers and help us in gaining their confidence. In order to foster innovation, our team strives and allows our businesses to operate in the most effective manner to serve business markets while having the ability and strengths of a local enterprise. Living in the most highly dynamic business environment, Vawda Group has become a leading venture through strong strategic acquisitions and innovative growth. Our products enhance the quality of both plastics and textiles. Our excitement for this growth has no bounds, and we continue to drive the innovation has made us a bridge in helping our customers’ businesses grow and prosper. Farid Ahmed Vawda & Co. has been diversified in the main cities of Pakistan. The main head office is located in Karachi whereas the liaison offices are in Lahore and Faisalabad.

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