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Textile Dyes and Chemicals


In recent years the sales of natural cellulosic fiber has steady increased because of its excellent fiber properties in the textile industry. Consequently the sales of reactive dyes for cellulosic fiber has also increased every year because of their brilliant shade, excellent wet fastness properties and wide range of application. With increased demand, customers have also begun to require a higher grade of all-round fastness proprieties for cellulosic fibers of their blends. As a result, the Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation research department has developed new reactive dyes with fastness which can meet these requirements in the market. We have marketed these new reactive dyes as “Everzol Dyes”

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Knitting Oil, Enzyme, Sequestratnt & Dispersing Agent, Dyebath Lubricants, Pretreatement Auxiliaries, Dyeing Auxiliaries, Cleaning & Soaping Auxiliaries, Fixing Agents, Defoamers, Special Finishing Agent, Functional Finishing Agent, Water & Oil Repellant, Water Based Polyurathene & Flame Reterdant.

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Silicones & Finishes

A one of Asia’s largest processors of silicone polymers for garments, Resil has the widest range of Silicone solutions to match every requirement. On going in house research, customizing capabilities and comprehensive application support bring value and end to end solutions.

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Sizing & Printing Inks

To improve weavability to the warp and /or to overcome inherent deficiencies of the yarn to withstand the stresses and strains of weaving. This can be attained by improving primarily the abrasion resistance of the yarn. This in turn is achieved with the formation of a film around the yarn along with some penetration of sizing chemicals.

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Optical Brighteners

Our OBA’s usually added in bleached textiles to increase the whiteness or brightness; OBA converts ultra violet radiation into visible light thus white appears more whiter. We have a wide range of Optical Brighteners for Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, T/C, T/R, Nylon, Polyamide, Wool, Silk, Acrylic

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