FAV & Co. has a state-of-the-art
Leather Division.

Leather Dyes and Chemicals

FAV & Co. has a state-of-the-art Leather Division. FAV Leather lab is fully equipped with latest leather scientific machines, which include:

  1. Mathis Dyeing Matchin & Dose Dyeing drums
  2. Wet/Dry Rub Fastness Testing Equipment
  3. Tensite Strength
  4. Abrasion Testers
  5. Pentratometer
  6. Xenon Light Fastness testing equipment

In addition to these physical tests, FAV Leather has capability to test:

  1. Chrome VI
  2. APEO
  3. NPEO

All of the above are important parameters for the leather industry these days. Technical Services are being rendered for color matching on different substrate and development of new articles by using array of FAV quality products, keeping in view the market trends and the reproduce ability on mass production at customer premises. China and India are the major competitors of Pakistan in Leather exporting business. Pakistan Leather industry is 98% export-oriented and it exports quality leather to United States of America, Europe and Far-East countries. FAV has initially launched a comprehensive range of wet end-products which include:

  1. Surfactants - Vermalix ECO-NI and VERMALIX - AN, from free APEO, have been successfully launched for the leather industry.
  2. Dyes - Vowderm Black VR (conc.), Vowderm Black VF 160% and Vowderm Brown EDR
  3. Polymers - T-112B polymer is suitable for smooth and firm handle for all type of leather, inspective of pH sensitivities has been successfully launched.
  4. Fatliquor - Verminol SN is a sulphochlorinated paraffin based synthetic fatliquor for all type of leather. And the Verminol-CS is a cationic fatliquor used for chrome tannage sueded leather.
  5. Polymer Fatliquor - T-361A is a newly developed soft type polymer fatliquor suitable for fatliquoring all kind of soft leather without causing looseness.

A complete range of anionic dyestuff under the name of VOWDERM with excellent physical properties has already been taken and accepted by the users in the leather industry. All the leather dyestuff are being imported from our principal M/S Everlight Corporation Taiwan.

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