We provide excellent quality and technical services to Textile, Plastic and Electronical Industries.

Customer Services

Technical Services are rendered to the clients of FAV & Co to satisfy customer’s requirement as a support to sales & marketing as well as for the promotion of various product's ranges for textile industry. Efficient and appropriate application details according to prevailing infrastructure and machine of each individual industry are being advised and suggested to obtain best technical and Quality results of the end product.

Shade Matching

With the help of latest spectrophotometer “Spectra flash SF650 plus", shade matching is done to meet all technical specification in the most economical manner. Hence provide competitive solution to the clients to boost their exports both in terms of volume & value.

Trouble Shooting

Laboratory also suggest technical solution for the various online problems faced by the industry by advising appropriate auxiliaries with specific dosage and application details desired to resolve the kind of problem.

Fastness Testing

FAV & Co lab supports their clients by performing fastness tests of industrial products to meet strict & stringent technical specification desired by their buyers.

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