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Textile Testing

We provide quality test results in a timely cost-effective manner so that you can make the right decisions for the success of your products. We have earned our reputation as a textile testing resource by helping our customers understand, manage and improve the quality of their textile products. As a comprehensive textile-testing laboratory. Following are the details of different kind of textile testing, which are being performed regularly.

Physical Testing

FAV Lab is equipped with latest instruments to perform following physical tests according to international standard of AATCC,ISO BS EN, ASTMD,M&S, ISO DIN , JIS etc.

  • Identification of fiber physically and chemically
  • Count & construction of fabric
  • Blend Ratio
  • Abrasion, Pilling & snagging
  • Tear and tensile strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • Flammability
  • Appearance test
  • Crease recovery
  • Airpermeablility
  • Bursting strength test
  • Water and oil repellency test
  • Soil release test

Analytical Testing

FAV Lab performs analytical and chemical testing to evaluate various dyes, chemicals and auxiliaries following are the details:

  • Determination of Formaldehyde content
  • Purity testing of chemicals
  • Auxiliaries for application of wet processing
  • Viscosity
  • pH

Fastness Testing

Color fastness tests are carried out according to specified tests methods of AATCC, ISO,DIN,M&S,ASTMD etc:

  • Light fastness
  • Washing fastness
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Perspiration
  • Chlorinated Water
  • Fastness Testing
  • Water fastness testing
  • Sublimination/Hot Pressing
  • Rubbing Fastness (Crocking)
  • Saliva perspiration fastness


  • Dyestuff Evaluation (Direct, Reactive, Disperse, VAT and Pigments)
  • Evaluation of Auxiliaries (Wetting/Detergents, Sequesters, Stabilizers, Leveling/dispersing agents)
  • Evaluation of Finishes and Special Finishes (Silicones, Softeners, Water and Oil repellent, Soil Release, Wet Rubbing, Improvers etc.)

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